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As a division of Risk Strategies Company (RSC), our Credit Union Practice specializes in developing Property and Casualty, Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits insurance solutions that fit the unique needs of Credit Unions throughout the United States.

Our Two Exclusive Credit Union Programs:

Credit Union Health Benefits of America (CUHB) - CUHB is a self-funded medical plan with protection against large claims and a capped maximum annual liability. Through this arrangement Credit Unions are individually underwritten and maintain their own plan designs. Participants collaborate on program offerings, direct service providers, and work together to develop wellness initiatives which result in healthier employees and reduced claims costs. Members have saved on average 10-15% on medical insurance costs while being protected against the possible upside financial risk normally associated with self-funding. 

Credit Union Self-Insured Group of California (CUSIG) - CUSIG is a California Workers' Compensation Self-Insured Group providing one of the only alternatives to the private insurance market for Credit Unions. CUSIG provides its members with excess workers' compensation insurance, proactive claims management, and extensive risk control services.  Participants pay a contribution rate per $100 of payroll which covers all program costs. CUSIG's track record has been phenomenal; since the program was founded in 2003 participating credit unions have saved over 50% of what they would have paid based on the private insurance carrier average guaranteed cost rate.

Why should your Credit Union partner with RSC?

  • We work with over 50% of the top 25 California Credit Unions as well as Credit Unions in several other states. This experience with your industry makes us uniquely able to recognize and respond to the commercial insurance challenges your Credit Union faces.
  • The insurance programs we represent were created by Credit Unions and follow your guiding principles of Democracy (one member one vote) and Collaboration (sharing of best practices) to deliver the highest quality insurance solutions at the lowest cost.
  • With our national network of ten offices we have access to all major insurance carriers which enables us to provide your Credit Union with the most cost effective Property and Casualty, Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits insurance solutions.
  • While we rank as one of the top 65 insurance brokers in the United States, our flat operating structure eliminates the internal political red tape inherent in the culture of most of our competitors. Our employees take accountability for delivering the most efficient and cost effective insurance solutions that protect your Credit Union and give you peace of mind.

Watch our 3 minute presentation to learn how
Credit Unions are saving 10-15% on medical insurance!