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Credit Union Practice

In 2003 our focus on Credit Unions evolved out of necessity when California Credit Unions were faced with skyrocketing Workers’ Compensation insurance costs. As part of a team of Workers’ Compensation Industry experts (which included several Credit Union HR professionals) we facilitated the creation of the Credit Union Self-Insured Group (CUSIG). Insurance costs for participants were reduced significantly due to a strong focus on the fundamental principles of loss prevention, claims management, best practice collaboration, cost transparency, economies of scale, and self-insurance funding. The overwhelming success of CUSIG along with the astronomical increases in healthcare costs has led to the creation of Union Health Benefits of America (CUHB), a partially self-funded medical insurance program employing the same fundamental principles.

Risk Strategies Company (RSC)

Ranked in the top 65 brokers in the country, Risk Strategies Company is a national brokerage firm distributing property and liability insurance and employee benefits insurance products to both privately held and publicly traded commercial clients. Risk Strategies focuses on client risk management challenges and delivers pragmatic, cost-effective financial and business solutions. As a broker with a strategic focus, RSC employs a diverse range of skills outside of the traditional insurance sector. By placing a greater emphasis on creativity, innovation, efficiency, flexibility and specialized industry knowledge, RSC consistently delivers practical, cost-effective results to its clients.