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Credit Union Health Benefits of America (CUHB)

The cost of medical insurance for Credit Unions has increased 140% over the past ten years!

  • Your Credit Union is forced to reduce benefits and increase co-pays & deductibles to keep the cost increases manageable.
  • In the event that you have positive claims performance there is little or no financial benefit in terms of lower premiums.
  • Medical insurance carriers provide no claims or financial data (transparency) which would allow you to customize plan designs and wellness programs to maximize quality and minimize costs.

At Today's Annual Rate of Increase premiums will double again in the next six years!
One of the biggest mega-trends in commercial health insurance today is the movement by middle tier employers to partially self-funded health plans to produce a more transparent model.Credit Union Health Benefits of America (CUHB) is a partially self-funded medical plan that provides cost transparency.

  • Participants are individually underwritten and maintain their own plan designs. In addition, Self-funded health plans are governed by ERISA and are not subject to individual state mandates. Multi state Credit Unions can have one plan design, and can eliminate state mandated coverages that are not used resulting in additional savings.
  • Participants fund their own small predictable claims (subject to a reasonable maximum cap). The larger unpredictable claims are insured through premium payments to a Group Captive Insurance Company controlled by the participants, and through standard excess insurance. Premiums not used to pay claims through the captive insurance company are returned to the participants.
  • Participants utilize large provider networks (such as Cigna and Blue Shield) resulting in minimal or no disruption.
  • The program’s insurance providers are "A" rated by A.M. Best admitted in all 50 states. In addition, CUHB is accepted by the NCUA as an alternative to traditional medical insurance.
  • Credit Unions can achieve long term sustainable healthcare savings of 10-15% per year while providing better benefits and improved employee health. These savings are achieved through lower claims, network provider savings, stop loss premium savings, elimination of premium taxes, and elimination of un-needed state mandates.

Watch our 3 minute presentation to learn how Credit Unions are saving 10-15% on medical insurance!